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Our Journey

The founder of Select Headhunter has over 20 years’ recruitment experience, mostly in Southeast Asia. After managing the expansion of an international listed recruitment company, he decided to start his own independent recruitment business.

The catalyst for forming the company was his disappointment in the way publicly listed recruitment companies responded to the Covid-19 pandemic. A clear pattern emerged of prioritizing investors over company employees, which he found hard to reconcile with his personal ethos of putting people first. Select Headhunter was therefore established as a people-centric business, that ‘puts people first, always’.

​What's The Most Important Thing In The World?

Select Headhunter believes the answer to this question is very simple. The most important thing in the world should always be what you are doing at the time. Regardless of what you are doing, you should conduct yourself as if the person you are speaking with, is the most important person in the world at that moment in time.

Giving people your complete attention and focus when speaking with them ensures you are free from distractions and giving them the respect they deserve. By not allowing yourself to be distracted by other tasks, people or issues, you are able to identify a lot more opportunities to help and support people. This way of thinking applies to the people we work with, as well as the clients and candidates we engage with.

Help And Support For Candidates

A successful business is built around its people, which is why Select Headhunter places a premium price on creating a supportive working environment. Select Headhunter’s managers are tasked with bringing out the best in people and understanding their personal goals and ambitions. Support also comes from the people around you, as everyone is encouraged to share their knowledge and assist their colleagues to achieve success.

Help And Support For Clients

Taking the time to understand a client beyond the details of a job order is essential to achieving long-term success. Listening and understanding the issues they face is an important step in providing a great recruitment experience. Never forget the clients we engage with have their own pressures and responsibilities to deal with and a recruiter’s job is to identify ways we can make their job easier.

Help And Support For Candidates

Taking the time to understand the career goals and motivations of your candidates is essential for any recruitment professional. Never forget that candidates are people with families, responsibilities and personal milestones they want to achieve. At Select Headhunter, consultants should ensure they take the time to understand their candidates in order to place them into new jobs.

Core Values Of Select Headhunter

It is important to understand the core values of Select Headhunter as every person in the company is expected to carry out their duties in line with them. Each value is important and together they give help build long lasting relationships that can be trusted.

  • Transparency:Promote a culture of openness and sharing of information between colleagues, clients, and candidate.

  • Honesty:Be truthful with colleagues, candidates, and clients.

  • Inclusion: Embrace all people irrespective of race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, disability, or other need.

  • Development:Be better in every aspect of what we do as a company and as an individual.

  • Respect:Treat colleagues, clients, and candidates the way you would want to be treated.

  • Accountability:Be accountable for your own performance and actions.

Work-Life Balance

Recruitment is a very demanding vocation and requires focused dedication to deliver great results for candidates and clients alike. It is for this reason that Select Headhunter promotes the importance of a healthy work-life balance to ensure our people have time to maintain important relationships with family and friends.

All employees have access to flexible starting times of between 7.30am and 9.30am. Depending on tenure and position, additional benefits such as allocated work-from-home days and sabbaticals can be accessed.