Post-pandemic Talent War In Indonesia
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Posted on 26 May 2022

​Are companies ready to rebuild their workforce?

In 2020, many companies cut headcount and froze recruitment as they entered survival mode during the worst of the Covid-19 pandemic. With business confidence starting to recover, employers are now bracing themselves for a struggle to rebuild their workforce.

According to the World Bank’s Indonesia Economic Prospects report released in June 2021, the Indonesian economy is expected to rebound in 2021 and to continue to strengthen in 2022. As the vaccination rates increase, we will see companies move from survival to growth mode -- especially in the mid-to-senior level roles that are crucial to kickstarting performance. Smart employers are already starting to plan for the future.

Human Resources Talent Planning

Andrew Hairs from Select Headhunter Indonesia said, “We are already working with a number of companies who are operating with a skeleton team but know they will need to expand the team rapidly in the next 6 to 9 months. We take the time to understand where their future needs are, and then build shortlists of qualified candidates that can be activated with short notice.”

Advice for Employers Who Want To Prepare For The Future

Think Ahead and Plan

Budget time is just around the corner and headcount plans will be forming a large part of the company's strategy for 2022. Where do you need to strengthen your team, what skills do you need to add, and what type of profile will help your post-pandemic reboot? Try picturing a well-curated team of your dreams and how many people should be in that team? 

Communicate your plans with a recruitment partner such as Select Headhunter who can start building candidate shortlists that can be activated as and when you require them.

Talent Mapping Services

Use a talent mapping service to identify people in your competitors who can help you with the rebuilding process. You might not be hiring now, but talent mapping allows companies to map and identify the high-performing candidates who can be utilised when the need to hire arrives.

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Streamline the hiring process

Plan out your recruitment process to ensure candidates are processed quickly. Companies who experience long delays when hiring candidates will inevitably lose out to other employers.

Training and Onboarding

What happens when you bring in so many new people at once? Disruption. To avoid disruption within the company culture and to ‘align’ everyone together, make sure to allocate a short period of training and orientation to make sure everyone understands their roles and how the company works. 


Post-pandemic hiring can be such a stressful period for a company. The ultimate goal is to finish the hiring process efficiently in a timely manner, with the best result. A recruitment service could benefit a company in establishing a well-prepared hiring plan. As Benjamin Franklin said, "Failing to prepare is preparing to fail." 

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