​Why Paying a Recruitment Fee is Worth It
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Posted on 19 June 2024


Many companies question the return of investment when it comes to using a paid recruitment service as it is seen by some as something that they can do themselves. While this might be true, like everything else, the end result is vastly better when you work with specialists. Having the right people in an organisation is essential for success and working with a recruitment company such as Select Headhunter on key senior level positions ensures you are always hiring the best people available. In this article, we will share a case study of how Select Headhunter helped a mining company transform its performance by strengthening its leadership team across all departments.

The Challenge

The mining company, which is part of a larger group, was underperforming when they engaged Select Headhunter in 2021. The company faced several challenges, such as low productivity, high turnover, poor safety record, and lack of innovation. The company realised that they needed to change their culture and strategy, and that they needed to attract and retain the best talent in the industry. They decided to partner with Select Headhunter, a leading recruitment firm, to help them find the right people for their senior level positions.

The Solution

Select Headhunter worked closely with the mining company to understand their vision, values, and goals. They then used their extensive network and direct search techniques to talent map the market and screen the most qualified candidates for each position. They provided guidance and support throughout the hiring process, from interviewing to negotiating to onboarding. Select Headhunter filled numerous senior level positions across various departments for the mining company over the course of two years.

The Result

The mining company experienced a remarkable turnaround after hiring the best people with the help of Select Headhunter. The company improved its productivity, profitability, safety, and innovation. The company also improved its employee engagement, retention, and satisfaction. The company became the best performing company in the group and gained a competitive edge in the market. Andrew Hairs, the CEO of Select Headhunter Indonesia, said: "We are very proud of the results we achieved with the mining company. They are a great example of how paying a recruitment fee can bring a huge return of investment. They trusted us to find the best people for their organisation and they reaped the benefits of having a strong and aligned leadership team."

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