Benefit of Video Interviews for Companies
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Posted on 26 March 2024

​How Video Interviews Benefit your Company

Video interviewing is a virtual interview done online using the available technology and platform across the internet. Since the Covid-19 pandemic started, more and more companies are seen to be using video interviews rather than going to a face-to-face interview.

A more recent video interview method is solo interview, where candidates are allowed to record their own video at their time of convenience, guided by a set of questions provided by the company.

Solo video interview has become more common in the recruitment process and here’s how companies could benefit from this.

  • Time of convenience:This applies to both candidates and hiring managers. Gone are the days of struggling to match candidates and companies’ time for an in-person or online meeting. Once the candidate submitted their video, the hiring manager can watch it whenever and wherever.

  • Reduce time:Solo interviews can easily be done for testing candidates’ general qualifications, which would traditionally be done during the first interview with the human resources department. By providing a simple three to five general questions about the candidate, you can grasp what they are like and can quickly decide whether the candidates can be passed on to the next steps of recruitment or not.

  • Reduce cost: Time is money. By saving up the time in hiring, you would save at least the cost of waiting around for available time for interviews. The longer the recruitment process, the more risks you take for having candidates change their minds or being taken away by other companies. The pre-recorded interview allows the company to take in several interviews at once, which helps you in placing the right candidates faster.

  • Positive impression for the candidates: A positive recruitment experience when a company provides a quick turn around on their feedback, or the convenience of not having to travel for an interview can benefit in improving the company’s reputation among the job market. After all, a positive experience travels well among the industry peers but a bad one always travels faster.

Regardless of the types of video interviews your company chooses to do, the ability of doing video interviews during the hiring process has many advantages for both companies and the candidates.

One thing to not forget especially for solo video interviews is the fact that you don’t meet eye-to-eye with the candidate, and in some cases, candidates may never even see your face -- to maintain your company reputation in the industry, it’s best to always provide feedback on candidates’ status of recruitment. During the hiring process, companies should not rely on the saying of ‘no news is good news’ but should rather practice in always giving feedback.

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