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Digitally Assess Candidates Before Hiring

Select Headhunter has partnered with Mettl by Mercer, who are a global leader in online talent assessments to offer its clients a comprehensive and innovative solution to digitally assess candidates before the point of hire. By using Mettl by Mercer's platform, Select Headhunter's clients will be able to access a wide range of validated and reliable assessments, covering cognitive, behavioral, technical, and domain-specific skills. These assessments will help clients to identify the best-fit candidates for their roles, reduce hiring costs and time, and improve the quality of hire.

  • Coding Assessment. Coding tests and extensive coding simulators to measure coding aptitude and real-life programming skill.

  • Technical Assessments. Domain tests for 100+ skills and job profiles to measure domain skills and technical aptitude.

  • Psychometric & Behavioral Assessments. Measure reasoning and logical thinking skills and predict cultural fit and behavioral traits at workplace

  • Communication Assessments .Measure Speaking skills, Listening skills, Reading skills & Writing skills for English.

Using Assessments to evaluate candidates’ allows employers to objectively measuring abilities, knowledge, and job-related attributes, employers gain valuable insights. Recruitment assessments enhance efficiency, reduce bias, and provide a standardized evaluation framework. Employers benefit by making data-driven choices, saving time, and securing the best-fit talent.

​Psychometric tests delve into cognitive abilities, personality traits, and emotional intelligence, which can help predict job performance, assess cultural fit, and identify potential leaders. These tests offer objective insights, enabling employers to build cohesive teams and nurture talent effectively.

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