Video Interviews are Here to Stay
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Posted on 25 March 2024

Video Interviewing Tips

Pre-pandemic recruitment requires almost every step of the process to be done in person. From submitting your CVs to attending multiple interviews. Video interviews used to be deemed secondary or less important, but the global pandemic has changed this and it seems that video interviews are here to stay. Indeed Hiring Trends report says, 93% of employers plan to continue using virtual interviews in the future.

Apart from the two-way interview done through an online meeting between candidate and companies, there is an increase in solo interviews where interviews are done through a web platform, guided by a set number of questions.

Solo interview has one key element that two-way interview doesn’t have: convenience. Solo video interviews also bring a lot more benefits to candidates such as the possibility of having multiple takes to record their answers, reduce the time to travel and save overall time in the recruitment process. For candidates who are nervous or not used to at recording a solo interview, here are a few tips to take in:

Look the part:Remember the audience of this video will be a recruiter or hiring managers -- stay professional by using business attire and looking neat and put together for when recording your solo interview.

Frame and lighting is key: In any video-related activities, the first thing to consider would be good lighting. Your great talent and communication skills would be a waste if you record yourself under a dark room. Aside from the necessary lighting,try to act as naturally as if you are in person (use your hands, give eye contacts) and frame yourself well in the camera within the right proportion.

Using high-quality microphone or camera: Even though a solo interview is not recorded for public views, doesn’t mean it’s okay for your video to be filled with grains and noises or unfocused. A clear sound and great resolution shows your professionality, effort, and willingness in the recruitment process. Some video interview softwares allow recording using mobile phones, which are likely to have better camera and microphone than using laptop’s built-ins.

Stable internet connections:Most solo interview softwares allows re-taking but even then, make sure to have a stable internet connection and shut down unnecessary programs or internet tabs running in the background.

Do not disturb sign: Doing interviews in your own home means that there will be other people,or even pets that may create unnecessary noises. Avoid this by telling them to watch out for your pets or to completely ignore you while you’re recording for the interview.

In short, you should treat any interviews (in-person or online or solo) the same way. Some people might struggle when talking to the camera but practice makes perfect. Since anything in life can be achieved with good research and several practices.

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